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New Moon
New Moon

The moon is currently in Capricorn
The moon is 27 days old

Distance: 61 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: 0 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 286 degrees
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    Maui Astronomy Club on hold

    Aloha this is Becky Sydney, creator of the Maui Astronomy Club.

    After 25 years of running the Club, I am sad to let it go. I have retired from my astronomy business and the Astronomy Club in preparation to move off island.  I hope to find someone to take over the Club soon.  Until then, don’t stop looking up!

    Total Lunar Eclipse Jan. 20, 2019

    Maui will get to experience the first Total Lunar Eclipse of the year on Sunday, January 20, 2019
    The NASA page says Jan. 21 because they report eclipses using Universal Time UT which is 10 hours ahead of Maui.
    On Sunday the 20th, the Moon will be rising in the east around 6:00pm while in eclipse! Should be cool. 
    Look to the east!  Totality happens at 7:12pm and Moon should appear orangish.
    Here are the times of the eclipse in HST Hawaii Standard Time and Universal Time UT
    Heather may have a gathering to view this and will be in touch.  Hope you get to see it!!!  …… Becky Sydney
    Eclipse starts Jan. 20: 4:36pm HST  2:36am UT
    Moon in Shadow 6:41pm HST 4:41am UT
    Maximum eclipse 7:12pm HST 5:12am UT
    Moon leaves umbra 7:43pm HST 5:43am UT
    Moon in penumbra 8:50pm HST 6:50am UT

    New Leader for Maui Astronomy Club

    Aloha Maui Astronomy Club,
    Happy 2019 New Year!  I want to introduce you to Heather Green.  She will be the new coordinator for the Maui Astronomy Club. 
    I have retired and will be moving to New York in the months to come.
    I’m so happy Heather is eager and willing to take the baton!  Thank you Heather!!
    As a beginner in astronomy, please come together and share your knowledge with Heather and with the group at the gatherings.
    Everyone will learn together as you keep your eyes to the skies!  And if anyone can share your telescope at gatherings that would be great too.
    Heather will be in touch with everyone soon.  I still need to send her the member contact list and website details. 
    She will continue to email you cool space news and create gatherings for everyone to attend.
    If you have any questions or comments or suggestions for Heather, here is her email address:
    Welcome her onboard! 

    5th Night of the Moon

    Aloha Moon Lovers!

    Years ago when I was studying all I could about astronomy, I stumbled upon an old Farmers Almanac which had the most interesting astronomy knowledge ( Farmers Almanac traces its format and tradition to Benjamin Franklin’s  Poor Richards Almanack).
    I learned that our ancestors had such a great understanding of nature and the cycles and rhythms of planets, the Moon, the Sun, the stars, weather, agricultural, and life itself.  Much like the native Hawaiians and their profound respect and relationship to nature, I wanted to learn all I could.
    One of the articles I read was about the 5th day of the Moon being a predictor of weather.  What ever the weather is like on the 5th day of the Moon will be the trending pattern of weather for the next 30 days!  So if it’s windy on this day……there will be lots of wind in the coming weeks.  If it’s cloudy island wide…..expect a lot of clouds for 30 days!
    I have been testing this theory for 19 years!  And it has been 95% accurate!
    You may have noticed this year that Feb., March, April and May were very cloudy months……guess what?!  It was in accordance with the 5th day of the Moon!!
    So go outside and check the weather today.  This is what it will be like for the next moon cycle.  I’m so happy because Makawao is clear as a bell today (so rare as of late)!
    Test the theory yourself.  It will amaze you.

    June 2018 Sky Highlights

    JUNE 2018 Viewable Stars, Planets & Constellations

    Summer Solstice, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Big Dipper, Bootes, Arcturus, Corvus, Centaurus, Vega, Corona Borealis, Hercules, Southern Cross, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Meteor Showers: alpha Scorpiids, Sagittarids, Bootids

    June 2 – Waning Moon phase (dark skies until June 19 when Moon is much brighter)

    June 6 – 3rd Quarter Moon

    June 9 – Mercury creeps into western sky after sunset

    June 12 – ISS flies near Polaris 7:40pm  Hubble crosses Venus at 8:35pm

    June 13 – New Moon – Hubble near Venus 8:25pm and ISS too!

    June 14 – ISS in North 7:32pm  –  Hubble near Venus 8:14pm

    June 15 – Crescent Moon below Venus  –  Hubble flies by them at 8:03pm

    June 16 – Moon above Venus  –  Hubble in west at 7:54pm

    June 20 – 1st Quarter Moon – bright Moon nights begin- SUMMER SOLSTICE

    June 23– Moon kisses Jupiter

    June 26 – Bootids Meteor Shower

    June 27 – Full Moon

    May 2018 Celestial Highlights

    MAY 2018 Viewable Stars, Planets & Constellations

    Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Big Dipper, Bootes, Arcturus, Corvus, Centaurus, Scorpio, Southern Cross, Venus, Jupiter, Meteor Showers: eta Aquarids, eta Lyrids, alpha Scorpiids Meteor Shower

    May 1 – Waning Moon phase (dark skies until May 21 when Moon is bright)

    May 4 – Moon next to Saturn. May the 4th be with you!!

    May 5 – eta Aquarid Meteor Shower – best after midnight. Moon kisses Mars.

    May 7 – 3rd Quarter Moon (dark skies continue)

    May 8 – eta Lyrid Meteors – best seen early morning.  Jupiter at opposition.

    May 12 – alpha Scorpiid Meteors

    May 15 – New Moon

    May 17 – Moon and Venus kiss

    May 21 – 1st Quarter Moon – bright Moon nights begin

    May 27 – Moon kisses Jupiter

    May 29 – Full Moon

    March 2018 – Exciting Astronomy

    Hey Astrophiles,

    March is another awesome month for astronomy……lets just hope this cloudy weather goes away so we can see it!
    Blue Moon !  Equinox !  Hubble Space Telescope sightings !  Venus and Mercury  !  and more.
    Tonight March 1 is Full Moon…..the first of 2 happening this month…..which means March 31 is another (amateur astronomer) Blue Moon!  Yippeeee.
    Also, watch for Venus low in the West after sunset……Mercury, the trickster, will be dancing by Venus the night of March 5.
    I’m looking to have a stargazing party on Saturday March 17……on the New Moon……details to follow.
    Spring Equinox is March 20.  See you soon.   Becky – Maui Astronomy Club

    March 1 – Full Moon

    March 5 – Venus and Mercury kiss low in west after sunset

    March 7 – Hubble in W at 7:53pm

    March 8 – Hubble in W at 7:43pm

    March 9 – 3rd Quarter Moon / Hubble in W at 7:33pm

    March 10 – Hubble in W at 7:23pm

    March 11 – Hubble in W at 7:13pm

    March 12 – Hubble in W at 7:03pm

    March 17 – New Moon

    March 20 – Spring Equinox

    March 31 – Blue Moon – 2nd Full Moon in March


    Aloha and Happy New Year!
    I’m so excited for the upcoming SUPER BLOOD MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE!  Jan. 30 – 31, 2018
    Be sure to mark your calendar for the night of Tuesday,  Jan. 30 and we finish Wednesday,  Jan. 31.
    I am thrilled to announce that the Institute for Astronomy in Pukalani is offering their place for us to view!! Thank you JD Armstrong!!
    Address: 34 Ohia Ku St – Pukalani ……below the Longs Drugs Store
    If you are in Lahaina, Eddie at the Hyatt Regency is also hosting the event…..go to the rooftop of the Lahaina Tower to find him.
    I will be setting up my scope in the parking lot of IfA and will rest in my car if I feel I need a nap…….eclipse happens from 12:51am with totality at 3:29am and finishes after 5am!!!
    We’ll have a little party!!!  I can bring pizza, however it will be cold pizza by midnight 🙂   Bring a chair or mat or sleeping bag to be comfortable.  Bring water or beverages.
    I’ll be there before midnight the night of Jan. 30, to set up and get things ready.  You can at your leisure and leave anytime.
    Let me know if you are interested so I can add you to the list……include your phone number too just in case we get weathered out.  EMAIL ME :
    All are invited! Invite your friends!  Hope to see you under the Blood Moon!


    Event UTC Time Time in Wailuku* Visible in Wailuku
    Penumbral Eclipse begins Jan 31 at 10:51:13 Jan 31 at 12:51:13 am Yes
    Partial Eclipse begins Jan 31 at 11:48:27 Jan 31 at 1:48:27 am Yes
    Full Eclipse begins Jan 31 at 12:51:47 Jan 31 at 2:51:47 am Yes
    Maximum Eclipse Jan 31 at 13:29:51 Jan 31 at 3:29:51 am Yes
    Full Eclipse ends Jan 31 at 14:07:51 Jan 31 at 4:07:51 am Yes
    Partial Eclipse ends Jan 31 at 15:11:11 Jan 31 at 5:11:11 am Yes
    Penumbral Eclipse ends Jan 31 at 16:08:29 Jan 31 at 6:08:29 am Yes

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