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Current Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Aries
The moon is 3 days old

Distance: 63 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: -4 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 19 degrees

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    Maui Astronomy Club on hold

    Aloha this is Becky Sydney, creator of the Maui Astronomy Club.

    After 25 years of running the Club, I am sad to let it go. I have retired from my astronomy business and the Astronomy Club in preparation to move off island.  I hope to find someone to take over the Club soon.  Until then, don’t stop looking up!

    New Moon

    Aloha skywatchers, tonite starts a new monthly lunar cycle.The Sun and moon are always in the same sign at the time of the new moon,(now in Pisces),so you won’t be able to see it in the sky tonite. Just after sunset if its clear you may be able to get a look at mercury, it will be setting right after the Sun. If you happen to have access to a super duper telescope it may be able to locate Neptune in Pisces very close to mercury. Since theres no lunar light, tonite will be one of the best nights for Stargazing this month!

    Moon conjuncting Saturn & Venus

    Aloha skywatchers, This morning, (approximately 2am), the moon will be rising on Maui, along with Saturn and Venus in Capricorn. Venus will be brighter but Saturn will rise first, closer to the Moon.

    Jupiter conjunct Moon

    Aloha skywatchers, The next couple of nights (february 25-27), looking up to night sky look for Jupiter next to the Moon in sagittarius!

    Pisces Sun / Virgo Moon

    Aloha Skywatchers, Looking up to this evenings sky we can observe the Moon rising (5;50 pm, Hawaii time), before the sun sets (6;25 pm hawaii time). If you happen to have a telescope you might be able to catch a glimpse of Mercury conjucting Neptune in Pisces.Look at where the Sun is setting, in the first degree of Pisces to view Mercury & Neptune in the middle degrees of Pisces.

    This Full Moon in Virgo is considered a super moon because it appears approximately 30 times larger then average,(according to

    Tomorrow night (Feb 19), the Virgo supermoon will rise after the Sun sets (approximately 6:55pm Hawaii time). with clear skies it should be a spectacular celestial sight!


    Mars conjunct Moon

    Aloha stargazers, Looking up at this evenings sky you should be able to spot red hot, fiery Mars, conjuct a waxing Moon in Aries. Also if the skies are clear and you look through a telescope you may be able to see the planet Uranus very close to mars, perfecting their conjunction on Feb 13.

    Lunar New Year

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    The Lunar new year is the first New Moon in Aquarius. This is the beginning on the Earth Pig/Boar year.

    Total Lunar Eclipse Jan. 20, 2019

    Maui will get to experience the first Total Lunar Eclipse of the year on Sunday, January 20, 2019
    The NASA page says Jan. 21 because they report eclipses using Universal Time UT which is 10 hours ahead of Maui.
    On Sunday the 20th, the Moon will be rising in the east around 6:00pm while in eclipse! Should be cool. 
    Look to the east!  Totality happens at 7:12pm and Moon should appear orangish.
    Here are the times of the eclipse in HST Hawaii Standard Time and Universal Time UT
    Heather may have a gathering to view this and will be in touch.  Hope you get to see it!!!  …… Becky Sydney
    Eclipse starts Jan. 20: 4:36pm HST  2:36am UT
    Moon in Shadow 6:41pm HST 4:41am UT
    Maximum eclipse 7:12pm HST 5:12am UT
    Moon leaves umbra 7:43pm HST 5:43am UT
    Moon in penumbra 8:50pm HST 6:50am UT

    New Leader for Maui Astronomy Club

    Aloha Maui Astronomy Club,
    Happy 2019 New Year!  I want to introduce you to Heather Green.  She will be the new coordinator for the Maui Astronomy Club. 
    I have retired and will be moving to New York in the months to come.
    I’m so happy Heather is eager and willing to take the baton!  Thank you Heather!!
    As a beginner in astronomy, please come together and share your knowledge with Heather and with the group at the gatherings.
    Everyone will learn together as you keep your eyes to the skies!  And if anyone can share your telescope at gatherings that would be great too.
    Heather will be in touch with everyone soon.  I still need to send her the member contact list and website details. 
    She will continue to email you cool space news and create gatherings for everyone to attend.
    If you have any questions or comments or suggestions for Heather, here is her email address:
    Welcome her onboard! 
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